Post Fun

Breaking News: Karaoke is Running on Weekend Nights

For those of you who like karaoke, we have a fully automated system that you can play your favorite songs to sings along with and have fun. You can download the smartphone app on either the Google Play or Apple App Store. Just search for “Singa”.

Daily Entertainment

We have multiple events throughout the week and month to give you a good reason to come in. Check out our Events page to see what’s going on this week. Our canteen is fully stocked with a great selection of beer, wine and liquor. We have free billiards every Sunday, all day. We have multiple games including two soft-tip dart boards, Golden Tee golf and Silver Strike bowling from Incredible Technologies. We have Tap TV, a free, web-based trivia game that is always on during operating hours. If you like pub trivia, we have a game every Tuesday night at 6:30. So, come join us for some fun! We also have a self-service karaoke system available on Friday and Saturday nights.

If for no other reason, please come up and join us for the fantastic and friendly people that you’ll meet. We are our own family.

For specific dates and times of entertainment and other events, please go to our Events page.

Canteen Hours
SundayNoon – 10 pm
Monday11 am – Midnight
Tuesday11 am – Midnight
Wednesday11 am – Midnight
Thursday11 am – Midnight
Friday11 am – Midnight
Saturday11 am – 1 am