February 2022

Commander Greene called the general membership meeting to order at 10:00 hours. The colors were advanced, POW/MIA chair cover was placed in accordance with Resolution 288, adopted by 67th National Convention, Chaplin offered prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, followed by the preamble to our Constitution.

Adjutant Johnson conducted roll call and informed Commander there were 11 of 14 officers, with 5 other members present. Adjutant announced a quorum was present and that business could be conducted, roll call is attached for the record.

CommanderDanny Greene
AdjutantNick Johnson
First ViceScott Parkhurst
Second ViceBill Rohm
FinanceChuck Andrews
Service OfficerSteve Rawson
ChaplainRobert Ludiker
HistorianRonald Laden
Judge AdvocateBill Milton
Sergeant at ArmsDennis Wright
Member at LargeCarlos Garay
Member at LargeTim Stalnecker
Member at LargeGlenn Sierra
Past CommanderScott Parkhurst

Recommendation for the reading of the previous monthly board minutes, motion made by

C Andrews 2nd by S Parkhurst to accept the reading and passed with (discussion) or (no discussion).

Committee Reports:

Finance: ($-1776.41) motions by B Rohm and 2nd by B Milton to accept and passed by all officers, with (discussion) or (no discussion).

Service officer: Advised he contacted 2 individuals requesting assistance and advised them on the procedures and where to go.

Membership: goal for 2022 year is (374) total 280 @ 74.86 %

Unfinished Business:

Post website setup and running, www.alpost310.org, motion by C Andrews to order and pay monthly fee of $12.50 for email and Microsoft office suite for the post office computer 2nd by S Ferrell with no discussion and passed by all present.

Motion by N Johnson to appoint S Ferrell and the Division delegate to upcoming convention, 2nd by R Ludiker and passed by all present with no discussion.

Commander advised rent house is vacant but needs a lot of repair work done in order to bring up to rentable standards, requested all hands-on deck, date set for cleanup on January 22 @ 10 am.

Motion by S Parkhurst to spend up to $840.00 plus, from money raised off TV raffle and donation from Legion Riders for the repair of canteen bathroom areas, 2nd by N Johnson and passed by all present with no discussion.

Commander advised date is set for hopper name change will be on February 2 @ 10 am, 2-3 volunteers requested.

Motion by N Johnson stating that the person responsible for the monthly Friday night meal will also be responsible for the monthly order for Steak and Shrimp night from Sam’s order in Tyler, 2nd by S Parkhurst and passed by all present with no discussion.

Commander advised that Tuesday trivia person should receive some gratuity for the work being conducted due to the detail, time and effort being put into it, advised that it draws a crowd and brings in a good income for the post and without it on that night could be decrementable for the post. Motion by N Johnson to provide $25.00 plus 3 free drinks for the person conducting trivia for the time period, 2nd by S Ferrell with discussion as follows, members believed that the work that goes into it is extensive and should be more than that, others stated that it should be a percentage of the intake from sales that evening, others stated that we all are here on a voluntary basis and provide time and request nothing in return for what they provide, some believe that time provided was not a money maker for the post, motion was amended to state $50.00 per week to trivia person with purchasing of their own drinks for that time frame starting on Feb 1,2022, motion was passed by all present.

Members voted in by general membership (5) (Sands, Hanes, Norman, Davidson, & Nethken) motions by J Parker 2nd by C Andrews to accept new members and passed by all present with no discussion.

Reading of correspondences/letters/information:

National created new post card for distribution to members for renewing and invite back to post.

Letter from cedar creek senior living center asking for veteran assistance, was passed on to service officer for contact.

Post information has been updated in system.

New Business:

Commander requested volunteers for Feb 26 @ 10 am to help with rental property prep for painting, advised in discussions with someone to rent, stated the person is willing to do work on property themselves but there are a few things that are needed to be accomplished before contract can be written, also stated that a decision on a price for rental needs to be determined by the members. Motion by b Rohm 2nd by N Johnson to allowed commander and finance officer to make recommendations and all actions on rental property at 111 Lee Way and report back to members on decisions, passed by all present with no discussion.

Commander advised needing volunteers for canteen bathroom renovations scheduled for March 12 & 13 starting at 8 am.

Finance officer advised that in the past the service officer report was read in the meetings and stated that it should be included in them again, recommendation by all present to allowed finance officer to read along with his finance report, passed by all present.

Commander advised there will be a flag disposal planned for Feb 20 starting at noon and requested any volunteers for help, stated that the flags were piling up and needed to be disposed of.

Commander advised the canteen area behind bar needed to be cleaned up, requested a date in March and volunteers needed to assist, members requested it be set aside for another month due to all the preparations and activities taking place over the next 2 months, commander stated it would be tabled until April’s meeting time but also stated that it needs to be done.

Member was advised they were approached by another member of the post regarding entertainment and stated that they knew of someone that was willing to perform and possibly and no cost to the post, individual was advised to gather all information and bring back to the next meeting.

Good of the American Legion

Legion meal Fri Mar 25, B Rohm in charge.

Auxiliary garage sale Mar 12-13, anyone can bring stuff, but it will not be returned.

S Parkhurst advised he will be posting the monthly minutes and CB&Ls on the post website for more transparency.

Commander advised that he was approached by Henderson County Help (a program for abused children) requesting sponsors, stated that it was a worthy cause and that we needed to assist them with some sponsorship, motion by C Andrews 2nd by N Johnson to provide $75.00 with a station sponsor with discussion as follows; members believed that it should be at least the $250.00 category, motion was voted on with 6 to 4 votes against an increase. Motion was amended to show that B Rohm and other members will donate $175.00 for a total amount to be given at $250.00 sponsorship.

ALR advised they had a newly designed website for viewing at www.alriderspost310.com.

The closing ceremony commenced with a prayer by the Chaplin, retiring of the POW/MIA chair cover, along with the colors of our Nation