June 2022

Commander Johnson called the general membership meeting to order at 10:00 hours. The colors were advanced, POW/MIA chair cover was placed in accordance with Resolution 288, adopted by 67th National Convention, Chaplin offered prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, followed by the preamble to our Constitution.
Scott Parkhurst conducted roll call and informed Commander there were 11 of 14 officers, with 3 other members present. a quorum was present, and business could be conducted, roll call is attached for the record.

CommanderNick Johnson
AdjutantNick Johnson
First ViceSteve Ferrell
Second ViceBill Rohm
FinanceCharles Andrews
Service OfficerSteve Rawson☐ Excused
ChaplainRobert Ludiker
HistorianRonald Laden☐ Excused
Judge AdvocateBill Milton
Sergeant at ArmsDennis Wright☐ Excused
Member at LargeBrian Mosely
Member at LargeTim Stalnecker
Member at LargeGlenn Sierra
Past CommanderDanny Greene

Recommendation for the reading of the previous monthly board minutes, motion made by
S. Ferrell 2nd by C. Andrews and passed by all present with discussion as follows: change to the cost of new entertainment system to include a monthly fee of $138 instead of the $2,000 and $138 for purchase and installation.
Committee Reports:
• Finance: $4,438 motions by S. Ferrell and 2nd by B. Rohm to accept and passed by all present, with no discussion.
• Service officer: Reported donating $100 to veteran who needed gas money to see his dying father.
• Membership: goal for 2022 year is 374 total 352 @ 94.28 %
Unfinished Business:
• Finance officer C Andrews advised that the entertainment system approved during the May 2022 meeting was more expensive than anticipated with associated hardware and long-term warrant; total cost for system is $2,384.67. Motion by C. Andrews to spend the money for the additional coverage of $2500.00, 2nd by S. Ferrell with no discussion and passed by all present.
• Report made by Commander Johnson on Boys’ State. Three boys sent from Post 310, with all intentionally obtaining alternate transportation to and from Austin, causing a $150 waste of post funds for pre-paid bus from McKinney, TX.
• Motion by N Johnson to allow commander and finance officer to make emergency financial decisions on minor issues for the post without board approval 2nd by S Ferrell with no discussion and passed by all present
Six members voted in by general membership (6) (Dasher, Adkins, Thompson, Stalcup, Robert & Susan Heller) motions to accept new members and passed by all present with no discussion.
Reading of correspondences/letters/information: None
New Business:
• Motion made by S. Ferrell to require parents of Boys’ State attendees sponsored by Post 310 to put $50 towards transportation of Boys’ State attendees that would be reimbursed by Post 310 if the attendee takes transportation paid for by Post, seconded by C. Andrews. Discussion on floor regarding the need for Post to pay all expenses for attendees which might prevent and underprivileged family from having to come up with funds and thereby potentially prevent a boy selected to attend. Motion did not pass.
• Commander Johnson reported that the rental property at 111 The Lee Way has been leased and occupied by new tenants.
• Commander Johnson that the American Legion Riders are working on obtaining the use of a decommissioned tracked vehicle, specifically a tank, to be displayed in front of the Post. Assigned ALR to head up any and all information pertaining to its acquirement and placement at the post.
• Commander Johnson reported that a member has donated to “Open” signs to be displayed on the north and south sides in the windows with window treatments. Motion made by S. Ferrell to mount the signs, seconded by C. Andrews. Discussion of the floor that the signs would not be visible outside the building due to the window treatments. Motion passed.
Good of the American Legion:
• Commander Johnson reported that demolition of men’s bathroom on the north side of the canteen would begin on Saturday, June 25 at 8:00 a.m. and requests volunteers to assist.
• Question was raised to ask for clarity on the policy of the canteen serving food while other post entities served food from the kitchen. Motion made by B. Rohm and seconded by D. Greene that the canteen would still be allowed to serve pizzas and hot dogs at any time, assuming that those foods are not being served by other post entities were not pizzas or hot dogs. Essentially, pizza and hot dogs can be sold any time that they are not being served from the kitchen. Motion passed.
• Commander Johnson reminded those present that the Post would be hosting a Father’s Day luncheon on June 19th at 1:00 p.m.
• Commander Johnson reminded those present that D. Greene would be cooking Philly Cheese Steaks on June 24th for $9.00 each.
• C. Andrews suggested that the officers determine who will be cooking each month during the scheduled Friday meals throughout the remainder of 2022 until the elections in 2023. The following schedule was agreed upon by all officers present:
June: D. Greene
July: S. Rawson
August: G. Sierra
September: N. Johnson
October: S. Ferrell
November: T. Stalnecker
December: R. Landen
January: D. Wright
February: B. Milton
March: B. Rohm
April: C. Andrews
May: R. Ludiker
• C. Andrews informed membership that the vehicle of the previous tenant at 111 The Lee Way has been moved to the Post grounds at 113 The Lee Way for the convenience of the new tenants. C. Andrews is trying to determine the ownership of the vehicle and is trying to get it completely removed from Post property.
• C. Andrews reported that the property title of 111 The Lee Way is still not clearly in the Post’s name. He reported that he will continue to work to get the title cleared.
• Commander Johnson informed membership that there is a woman in the area that claims to need assistance as a veteran and has some paperwork to prove her veteran status. However, the woman is trying to scam businesses and non-profit organization as related by the 4th District.
The closing ceremony commenced with a prayer by the Chaplin, retiring of the POW/MIA chair cover, along with the colors of our Nation
Meeting was adjourned at 11:04 hours
Minutes prepared by Scott Parkhurst ________________
Minutes approved by Nicholas Johnson, Sr., Commander ________________