March 2022

Commander Greene called the general membership meeting to order at 10:00 hours. The colors were advanced, POW/MIA chair cover was placed in accordance with Resolution 288, adopted by 67th National Convention, Chaplin offered prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, followed by the preamble to our Constitution.

Adjutant Johnson conducted roll call and informed Commander there were 14 of 14 officers, with 6 other members present. Adjutant announced a quorum was present and that business could be conducted, roll call is attached for the record.

CommanderDanny Greene
AdjutantNick Johnson
First ViceScott Parkhurst
Second ViceBill Rohm
FinanceChuck Andrews
Service OfficerSteve Rawson
ChaplainRobert Ludiker
HistorianRonald Laden
Judge AdvocateBill Milton
Sergeant at ArmsDennis Wright
Member at LargeCarlos Garay
Member at LargeTim Stalnecker
Member at LargeGlenn Sierra
Past CommanderScott Parkhurst

Recommendation for the reading of the previous monthly board minutes, motion made by

B Milton 2nd by S Rawson to dispense with reading and passed with (discussion) or (no discussion) as follows.

Committee Reports:

  • Finance: ($+1512.43) motion by B Rohm and 2nd by S Ferrell to accept and file for audit, then passed by all present, with (discussion) or (no discussion) as follows,
  • Service officer: Advised he contacted 1 veteran for assistance and was able to assist.
  • Membership: goal for 2022 year is (374) total 302 @ 80.74 %

Unfinished Business:

  • Contacted 4 schools and turned over applications for selectees for Boys’ State, also awaiting cost for bus transportation from district, will vote in April meeting on monies for selected attendants.
  • Rent house modifications put on hold until after commanders’ surgery and recovery.
  • C&BLs reviewed by all members present, motion by B Milton to accept all changes 2nd by N Johnson with discussion as follows, no real changes except members stated that ALR director should be a member of the designated post for that chapter, accepted and passed by all present.
  • Looking into other entertainment for steak and shrimp night, recommendation by members that we should look into a self-lead system, S Rawson will take lead and gather information and bring to the board members.

Members voted in by general membership (1) (Pruett) motions by S Ferrell to accept new members 2nd by J Parker and passed by all present with no discussion.

Reading of correspondences/letters/information: None

New Business:

  • Finance officer C Andrews advised that he was informed to increase property insurance from $250,000 to $500,000 he would have to issue another check up to $2500.00 to insurance company in order to cover the increase, motions by S Ferrell to spend the money for the increase 2nd by N Johnson with no discussion and passed by all present.
  • Recommendation on the floor to purchase used freezer to replace the one in the old kitchen area, motion by C Andrews to spend up to $600.00 2nd by B Rohm with discussion as follows, members inquired on the differences between new and used warranties, figures were given by finance officer and motion was passed by all present.
  • Recommendation on the floor to allow motorcycle club members to utilize the backyard facilities to hold events, motion by S Parkhurst to allow them access 2nd by C Andrews with discussion as follows, members raised issues that if we allow on m/c used the facilities other m/c would want to, also stated was the fact that if done could be interpreted as us be a motorcycle club and getting the reputation and that is not what the American Legion represents, motion was rescinded.
  • Motion by N Johnson to allow commander and finance officer to make emergency financial decisions on minor issues for the post without board approval 2nd by S Ferrell with no discussion and passed by all present

Good of the American Legion

  • Legion meal March 25 B Rohm in charge
  • Information was provided by R Ludiker reference Meals on Wheels needing drivers.
  • SAL aluminum can bin area cleanup March 26
  • Celebration of Life (Liz Stout) March 26
  • B Milton provided information on parking lot repair work at a cost of $977.00, advised he will gather all information and present to the board at next meeting.
  • Issues with confrontations by patrons to bartenders need to be written up!!

The closing ceremony commenced with a prayer by the Chaplin, retiring of the POW/MIA chair cover, along with the colors of our Nation

Meeting was adjourned at 1110 hours

Minutes prepared by Nicholas Johnson Sr. Adjutant ____________________________

Minutes approved by Daniel Greene Jr. Commander ____________________________

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  1. Regarding Parking Lot Repair, the updated bid for double sealing the lots was $9700, not $977. At that cost, there is no immediate need for follow up.


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